Pear Garden School of Tai Chi Holiday Party

Even though the weather has been playing a leading roll lately, the Pear Garden School of Tai Chi’s annual Holiday Party was well attended for the Chinese New Year themed Year of the Rabbit. Barb and Chas are very appreciative to all who made the trip to our farm house in Perkiomenville.

Pear Garden Group Photo

The dinner entrees were from Mr. Lee’s Asian Gourmet in Zieglerville which included beef, chicken and vegetarian dishes. Many of those attending brought appetizers and desserts, wine and probably the biggest hit of the evening was Betty’s artisan home made cake decorated with symbols of our school: a pear tree in full fruited bloom with a Chinese New Year rabbit munching on a pear beneath the tree, all under the watchful gaze of a menacing red dragon. Fabulous!

Barb’s themed decor of the dessert table really set the tone for the evening. Happy New Year!

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